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Deed of Conditions

Hacking and Paterson Management Services have been partnering with Scottish solicitors for over 40 years, assisting in the layout and content of Deed of Conditions covering a multitude and mixed array of development types throughout the country.

With our Directors having a combined factoring experience in excess of 160 years, our experience adds quantifiable added value to any homebuilder.

Our involvement at the early stage of a development creation plan provides homebuilders with our expert working knowledge of:

  • Layout and make up of developments
  • Designation of common elements of a development
  • Insight into how burdens can work day-to-day ensuring that the incoming homeowners’ common obligations are clear and easily managed on their behalf
  • Apportionment of common charges
  • Required type of insurance burdens
  • Property float levels
  • Sinking/maintenance fund requirements
  • Routine maintenance obligations
  • Obligations on the formation and running of Owners Associations

The aforementioned is representative of just some of the added value Hacking and Paterson Management Services bring to our homebuilder clients.  If you are currently considering or are going through the development process and are looking for some valuable input, please contact us here.

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