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Commencement of Maintenance

Our homebuilder clients are keen to ensure the initial purchasers within their developments quickly see the areas owned in common being completed and effectively maintained, allowing them to enjoy their new homes surrounded by well maintained common areas and landscaped gardens.

To ensure the seamless transition from homebuilder to factor upon completion, or partial completion, of common areas, our customer relationship managers, in conjunction with our appointed factoring team, will meet with the site manager at the development and ensure that:

  • All documentation is in place for any maintainable systems and mechanical and electrical facilities
  • All systems are operational
  • Both parties are satisfied the areas requiring maintenance are in order, thus preventing any initial concerns being experienced by new homeowners, reflecting negatively on their experience
  • Agreeing any remedial works required and suitable completion dates

Communication with our customers and homebuilders at this time is essential. Our various online platforms enable instant communication with our customers, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable transition from homebuilder to property factor is guaranteed.

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