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Homeowner Guides

Homeowner Guides

Owning and maintaining common property is easy, if you know how.

emergency contacts

Emergency Contacts

Only existing customers may use this emergency service. All tenants should report communal defects directly to the property Landlord or Agent.
Reporting Repairs

Reporting Repairs

To ensure that common repairs are attended to as promptly as possible, homeowners should notify us of any defect requiring attention immediately it becomes apparent.

property issues

Other Issues at Your Property

Sharing ownership, use or responsibility of common areas with a wide variety of neighbours and co-owners can be both rewarding and challenging

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Common Insurance

For many of our customers our Core Factoring Services include for the placing of common insurance policies.

damaged roof repair

Insurance Claims

Where Common Buildings Insurance is placed on behalf of our customers, the Insurers are there to help when the need arises.
Common Building Insurance

Debt Recovery

We consider that a fair and effective debt recovery procedure is an essential element of the Core Factoring Services we provide for our customers.
selling your home

Selling My Property

As part of the selling process, your solicitor should inform us, in writing, of an impending change in ownership of your property, as much notice as possible is helpful and at least 10 working days before the sale.
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We define a formal complaint as written expression of dissatisfaction with our service, as detailed within our Terms of Service and Delivery Standards, or the service of a contractor instructed by us on your behalf, which is unable to be resolved by frontline resolution.
property float

What is my Property Float?

Many homeowners will have heard the term “Property Float” and wondered what this refers to. The following FAQs will help answer this question.