Homeowner Guides

Owning and maintaining common property is easy, if you know how.
Homeowner Guides
Having suitable information immediately accessible is vital for anyone owning property, helping them understand what it means to be a responsible homeowner.  Guiding them towards the various organisations who can help, such as property factors, can assist them in caring for and retaining the value of their property.

Owners and Obligations

To help you navigate your way through the minefield of common property ownership, we have identified the most frequently discussed points and placed these into an alphabetical list of common ownership topics.  To find out more, please click on the relevant topic and you will be redirected to the relevant section of the Under One Roof website where you will hopefully find the answers to any questions you may have.

Buildings and Repairs

The repair and maintenance of your property is vital to ensure its longevity and value is retained.  We appreciate that when being informed of works required to your property you may be unsure as to where these works are, what the quotations refer to and ultimately how they affect you.  To assist you in understanding the make up of your property and to show you why and how maintenance is undertaken, we have listed the most frequently discussed maintenance points and placed these into an alphabetical list of building parts and repair processes.

To find out more, please click on the relevant topic and you will be redirected to the relevant section of the Under One Roof website where you will hopefully find the answers to any questions you may have.

Homeowners guide to common ownership

Access to your flat
Accoustic Engineers
Action on antisocial behaviour
Alterations and improvements
Antisocial tenants
Appealing decisions

Below tolerable standard (BTS)
Building contracts
Buying a flat
Buying and selling

Changing your Title Deeds
Clerk of works
Closing orders
Common building insurance
Common repairs
Community mediation
Contact your Council
Contacting owners
Council help with antisocial behaviour

Dealing with damage
Dealing with noise
Defending a small claim
Difficult conversations
DIY building surveys
Dormer windows – who pays

Effective meetings
Energy and Heating
Enforcing a judgement
Enforcing repairs yourself
Estate landscaping

Finding a trades firm
Finding the money
Floors and Ceilings – Modern
Form of Potential Liability for Costs

Garden maintenance
Get professional help
Get your building surveyed every 5 years
Getting advice
Getting quotes

Health and safety
Housing and Property Chamber
How the Council enforces repair
How the Council recovers costs
How to find your Title Deeds

Identify required work
Individual repairs
Inform owners and make decisions
Informal changes to shares paid
Is the noise excessive?
Joint owners

Keeping accounts
Keeping common areas clean and tidy
Know your neighbours
Know your responsibilities

Legal Glossary
Listed building and conservation area

Maintain your gutters
Maintenance or improvement
Maintenance plans
Making a small claim
Missing shares
Mutual repairs

Notice of Potential Liability to Repair

Organising repairs
Other powers to enforce repairs
Owners Association Sample Constitution
Owners’ Associations
Owners’ meetings

Paying for repairs
Pipes and leaks
Plumbing Leaks
Police help with antisocial behaviour
Precast Concrete and System Building
Private landlords
Problems with Title Deeds
Problems with your builder
Property Factor’s Code of Practice
Property Factors (Managers)
Property management rules
Providing evidence
Public health nuisance/abatement

Quantity surveyors

Repairing standard for private landlords
Repairs and flat sales
Rules that apply to all flats

Sample Claims
Save for repairs
Self factoring
Selling your flat
Shares where flats have been enlarged or split
Sharing costs according to Tenements Act
Sharing repair costs
Six ways to keep your flat’s value
Stair Tread Cracks
Structural Engineers
Survey checklist

Taking legal action
The loft – who owns it?
Tracing absentee owners
Trade Associations in Scotland
Typical Ways Costs Are Shared


What are Title Deeds
What to look for in Title Deeds
What is “responsibilty”
What is Anti Social Behaviour
Whose agreement do we need?
Work notice
Work on site

Your building’s rules download

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