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Insurance Claims

Where Common Buildings Insurance is placed on behalf of our customers, the Insurers are there to help when the need arises.

The Broker involved in placing the common insurance policy is AON and confirmation of the insurer of your property is available within your My H&P App along with being detailed on your invoice (immediately opposite the premium charge).

In the event of damage occurring at your property from the operation of an insured peril, please call the insurance claims hotline, as listed below:

AON CLAIMS LINE: 0141 240 2626

The claims handling team will normally ask you to confirm that you are the homeowner of the property. They will ask for your full address and contact telephone number. You will also be asked to confirm the nature of the damage and how it occurred.

From there, the claims handling team will deal with all administration relative to the insurance claim.

If the damage is of a common nature (affecting more than one apartment in the building) the claims handling team will normally appoint a contractor to attend and repair the damage, or provide a quotation to repair the same.

If the damage is of a private nature to your property (affecting only your apartment) the claims handling team may invite you to obtain competitive quotations for the necessary repair works and submit them to their office, for approval.

If you have any doubts about the identity of your insurer, please contact our office and we will be pleased to provide you with the relevant Information.

Likewise, if you are unsure of any aspect of the insurance claims submission procedure, please contact our office and our experienced property factoring team will be pleased to explain the process to you.

Finally, if you are unsure of what the Common Building Insurance covers please follow the links below to the full policy documents.


Please note these documents contain generic wording and for specific details of the sections relative to your insurance cover, including a summary of the perils covered, please contact us.

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