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As a leading Scottish Property Factor, we rely on the dedication, commitment, teamwork and expertise of all the people we employ across a wide and diverse range of roles throughout the firm.

Our people are at the heart of how our business performs. Covering all aspects of the factoring process from our front line staff, through our support networks, we have dedicated teams of people working to deliver our vision, business ethos, factoring product and service that make a difference to our customers.

We understand the importance of teamwork, and to make this happen, we all have to commit to our vision and pull together as a team to make it happen. This is why our people are so important in everything we do. Continuing personal and professional development of our people ensures sustained higher performance and personal job satisfaction. We also believe in providing development opportunities to all our people and at all levels, as well as offering competitive remuneration packages.

In everything we do, ourĀ  focus is on our people and on those to whom we provide a service. We also recognise and commit to our corporate social responsibilities.

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