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Voices from Scottish Tenements

Published on 06/11/2019

As our customers will be aware from our earlier news story, several of our factoring team recently attended the ‘Tenement Today, Tenement Tomorrow’ conference, from which a video was commissioned by Built Environment Forum Scotland, Scottish Civic Trust and Under One Roof.  This video evidences the type of response they have received from homeowners to their recent survey.

The video is available for viewing below:

The powerful video contains the story of three homeowners and the issues they have suffered during their ownership of tenement property. The ‘common thread’ of the homeowners’ stories are a lack of response from their co-homeowners and general apathy towards required maintenance of the common parts of their property.

The video is crucial evidence to reinforce the benefit of the recommendations of the ‘Scottish Parliamentary Working Group on Tenement Maintenance’, which are;

  1. Compulsory Owners Associations
  2. Sinking Funds
  3. Regular Inspections

A copy of their report can be viewed using the following link:

It is hoped that if the recommendations are implemented then this will improve communication between homeowners within, not only tenement properties, but all flatted properties, as well as engaging homeowners in arranging for pro-active repair and/or maintenance of their property.

At Hacking and Paterson Management Services, we firmly believe it is vital for homeowners to maintain their common property, mitigate damage to their private property and reduce possible repair costs, this primarily ensuring they are able to live in safe and sound properties, as well as securing the wider future of the iconic Scottish Tenement along with the current and future demands of modern construction.

The issues raised in the video display the type of difficulties faced by our customers on day to day basis and we hope this video will assist homeowners understanding of the need for their help and engagement when we try and assist them maintaining their homes.

Our teams are always on hand to assist our customers in maintaining their property and we are happy to meet with our existing, or potential, customers to offer any advice on a proactive approach to building maintenance.

Should this be of interest please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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