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Property Managers Association Conference

Published on 14/11/2019

At Hacking and Paterson Management Services, we pride ourselves on setting high standards in everything we do and believe the ongoing development of our staff is essential to the high standard of service our customers receive from our dedicated teams, who have industry-leading knowledge and experience.

Members of our team recently attended the 2019 PMAS Annual Conference, the theme of this year’s event was ‘Sharing Solutions’.  The full day conference focussed on how all stakeholders involved in Property Factoring can work together to help solve the problems our customers face.

Our teams were updated and further educated on a number of important and topical issues including Building Maintenance, Income Recovery, Company Culture and Electric Vehicle Charging, the presenters delivering excellent and informative content

The conference included presentations on the following from various Industry Professionals:

  • Housing and Property Chamber, First Tier Tribunal for Scotland
    • Aileen Devanny (President, Housing and Property Chamber, First-tier Tribunal for Scotland)
  • Persistent Complainers
    • Jim Bauld (TC Young Solicitors)
  • Workplace Culture
    • Lauren Currie (NOBL)
  • Under One Roof
    • Annie Flint (Under One Roof)
  • Debt Recovery
    • Rachel Irvine (BTO Solicitors)
  • Building Maintenance
    • Stewart Hamilton (Allied Surveyors)
  • Motivational Speaker
    • Guest Speaker John Barclay (Former Scotland Rugby Captain)
  • Electric Vehicle Charging
    • The Energy Saving Trust & Jorro
  • Professional Qualifications
    • Andrew Bulmer – The Institute of Residential Property Managers

The feedback from our staff members attending the conference was excellent and they had the following to say:

On Aileen Devanny’s presentation:

“She provided an interesting presentation and insight into the processes of the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland and their caseload.   I was encouraged to hear that of the c.650,000 factored properties in Scotland only 254 Property Factoring Enforcement Orders (PFEO’s) have been required, this only equating to circa 0.003% of homeowners.  It nice to hear that we are doing a good job.”

In reference to the presentation by NOBL:

“I found Lauren Currie an inspiring person.  Her advice on starting small and ensuring the first stage of whatever plan I have is successful, before taking steps to build on the concept, is something I can implement in my day to day factoring role.”

On the hot topic of improving our environment:

“I can see why Electric Vehicle charging is going to become more and more relevant in the near future, and the workshop provided some helpful tools and information on how we as a business can assist our customers.  The knowledge of the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme,  which makes available grants for the installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, is helpful information that I can pass on to both my colleagues and enquiring homeowner customers.”

The maintenance of Tenement flats is moving up the political Agenda, and on one of the authors of the Under One Roof websites discussion:

“Annie Flint’s expertise and experience on tenement issues, having co-authored publications I use every day, shone through.  We use the Under One Roof Website regularly and is something we refer homeowners to on a regular basis.  Annie clearly has a lot of experience and gave an excellent insight into factoring from a homeowners perspective.”

The PMAS conference was, from our teams perspective an excellent and informative day, which they enjoyed, from start to finish, furthering their education and experience, along with allowing them to interact with other professionals in their industry, all of which can only benefit their ability to continually deliver 5 star service to our homeowner customers.

At Hacking and Paterson Management Services our teams are on hand to assist our customers in maintaining their property and we are happy to meet with our existing, or potential, customers to offer any advice on a proactive approach to building maintenance.

If you would like to discuss how we can help with the maintenance of your property with us please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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