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Inspiring City Awards 2018
Published on 09/07/2018
Hacking and Paterson are pleased to be supporting Glasgow’s “Inspiring City Awards” for the third year running. The Awards celebrate and reward the people and organisations ...
TALK: The Tenement in Glasgow
Published on 11/06/2018
Following on from our news story in early May on the events being held by the Glasgow City Heritage Trust centering on ‘The Tenement in Glasgow’, ...
Maintenance of Tenement Scheme Property
Published on 31/05/2018
Following on from our January story on the cross party support for research into maintenance of tenement communal property, a further debate was held in the ...
Your personal information is in safe hands
Published on 24/05/2018
At Hacking and Paterson Management Services we’ve always taken data protection very seriously. We want you to know you can trust us to respect your privacy ...
Glasgow City Heritage Trust – The City Talks
Published on 10/05/2018
Glasgow City Heritage Trust are hosting a couple of interesting events in the coming months covering the traditional Glasgow Tenement. The first event being held will ...
External Wall Insulation (EWI) – Update
Published on 05/04/2018
Following on from our news story of 12th March 2018, we wrote to 27 Local Authorities, where we factor properties, asking them their intentions surrounding the ...
Bluefin Rebrand as Jelf – Update
Published on 01/04/2018
As per our earlier news story, for those of our customers whose buildings insurance is placed through insurance broker Bluefin we write to confirm that as ...
Scottish Government gets to work on solving communal maintenance problems in tenements
Published on 27/03/2018
A new cross party led working group formed in the wake of a recent Parliamentary debate on lack of tenement maintenance has called for action to ...
External Wall Insulation (EWI)
Published on 12/03/2018
The Scottish Government’s Ministerial Working Group on Building and Fire Safety at their meeting of 31st January 2018 discussed the Governments current investigations into buildings with ...
High Rise Properties – Update
Published on 06/03/2018
Following on from our previous updates on the ongoing Scottish Government investigations into the presence of ACM Cladding in High Rise properties throughout the country, we ...
**UPDATE** HPMS Offices closed due to red weather warning
Published on 28/02/2018
As a result of the countries red weather warning, in the interest of the safety of our people, Hacking & Paterson’s offices will be closed until ...
Bluefin to rebrand as Jelf
Published on 20/02/2018
For those of our customers whose buildings insurance is placed through insurance broker Bluefin we write to confirm that in 2018 Bluefin will be rebranded as ...

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