News article : November 16, 2023

Tenement Style

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The Tenement House is situated at 145 Buccleuch Street and was owned by shorthand typist, Miss Agnes Toward, who lived at the address between 1911 and 1965.

This is one of Glasgow’s treasures and walking into Miss Toward’s home takes you back in time, the interior of the flat being preserved by the National Trust in exactly the same condition as left by Miss Toward.

HPMS were delighted to be appointed Property Factor for the tenement a number of years ago and we have built up an excellent relationship with our customers and the National Trust, assisting them as they strive to preserve this piece of history.

Several years ago, refurbishment works at the property were progressed and through discussions between the homeowners and the National Trust, it was agreed that refurbishing the common areas to reflect the original appearance of the building was of great importance.

Using traditional techniques and materials to enhance the period features and character of the building, the Trust and the homeowners ensured authentic paint schemes and original lighting designs would live on, alongside new glazing units and a modern entrance door, complete with a controlled door entry system which greatly enhances the appearance and security of the building, helps restore the common close to its period glory and makes the attraction all the better to enjoy.

In 2023, the National Trust are now building on the rich resource the Tenement House provides to uncover and hopefully preserve historical interior design styles.

You can find out more about the project here, including how you can support this work by donating any old pieces or pictures of wallpaper, or by sharing your story about how your tenement used to be decorated.

HPMS are proud to continue supporting the homeowners in the maintenance of their building and in the preservation of part of Glasgow history. If you feel your property would benefit from our support too, please get in touch and we will be delighted to speak with you.



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