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Storms Dudley & Eunice

Published on 14/02/2022

Storms are named to aid the communication of approaching severe weather, helping the public to be better placed to keep themselves, their property, and businesses safe.  Storms Dudley and Eunice are forecast to bring strong winds across Central and Southern Scotland with snow in some parts.

The Met Office have issued weather warnings for high winds across Scotland which are in effect on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  You can find more information and stay up to date here.

Property homeowners should be aware and prepared for possible damage to their properties.

If you are one of our customers and you identify damage or water ingress to the building, please contact your property management team, who will provide information on how we can help you.

With high winds forecast, contractors may not be immediately able to access roofs to carry out repairs; however, these will be arranged as soon as possible.  Temporary repairs, where they can be done safely, may be undertaken to reduce further damage.

Information on emergency contacts can be found here, please be aware of the Terms and Conditions of these services and only utilise this service where absolutely necessary.

Where damage to a common part of a building occurs, once we are notified, an insurance claim for damage will be intimated on behalf of the collective homeowners.

If you experience internal damage, you will need to intimate a claim directly. You can find more information about this here and details of your buildings insurance cover via the Documents area of your My H&P Web Portal or App (available on the App Store or Google Play).

Conditions are forecast to remain unsettled and wet across the UK in the coming weeks, and it may turn colder with wintry showers an additional hazard.

Where you experience any weather-related property issues, please keep in touch with your Property Management Team, who are here to assist you.

Most importantly, please stay safe.

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