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Published on 30/12/2021

The final charity to be supported this year through our 2021 Charitable Giving Initiative is Teens+ (Transitional Education, Extra Needs Support), an Edinburgh-based project which provides educational support to young adults with complex and severe communication needs.

Teens+ was nominated by a staff member in our Edinburgh office who has close connections with the charity and felt that, particularly with the financial challenges faced throughout the year due to the impact of the ongoing pandemic, the charity would be a well-deserved recipient of this month’s £500 donation.

Teens+ offers a lifelong-learning and transitional approach to individual learning through its two facilities at Ravesncroft and Liberton Brae. Transitional programmes are offered to young people with complex communication needs who are not quite ready to take the step into post-school education, the workplace, or to a new home. One of the charity’s primary goals is to help individuals to achieve their full potential through lifelong learning via a person-centred education plan, alongside a tailor-made befriending service which provides 24-hour flexible support.

CEO of Teens+, Gail Burden, says:

“Teens+ is a very special service, helping young adults with complex communication needs to thrive. These past 2 years have been very challenging for the service, our staff, and students. Your donation will help us provide much needed resources for our students, to help them build social and life skills. Thank you so much for your generosity, it really makes a huge difference to the impact we can have for our students and their families.”

Simon Pearce-Madge, the charity’s Head of Service, adds:

“Our students surprise us daily with the way in which they learn and thrive at Teens+ and allow us to support them to make positive impacts on their learning journeys.

Your donation will provide additional resources to our students that makes such a difference in the way they are able to learn and experience an on-going educational service.

We really are delighted and thankful for your generosity it means a lot to us all.”

If you would also like to donate to the charity or learn more about the services it provides, please click here.

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