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Survival on the Seat

Published on 13/05/2019

Hacking & Paterson Management Services’ “Crazy Crags”, also known as Sarah Kinnaird, Amy Kirk, Chris Ferguson and Paul Forsyth, took part in the second annual “Survival on the Seat” charity challenge on Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, where they competed against other businesses in a set of outdoor survival tasks, including shelter-building, first-aid and an orienteering race throughout the park, lasting over 4 hours.

The event organisers, Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity, help children and their families to have more positive hospital experiences. They support and complement the work of Edinburgh’s Royal Hospital for Sick Children, as well as other children’s healthcare settings across Scotland, offering activities for children, along with support for parents. For further details of this charity’s great work, please visit their website at

While the team were disappointed not to take home the “Survival on the Seat” trophy, their fundraising efforts for the event was the work of champions and they were all delighted to raise a total of £1,506.26 for the Children’s Hospital Charity.

Chris Ferguson, Property Factoring Assistant and Crazy Crags team member, said:

“I thoroughly enjoyed working together with Amy, Paul and Sarah as The Crazy Crags to support such a wonderful cause, and it was interesting to see where the money we raised will go. For us to help ensure children have a healthy experience of hospitals is an incredible mission that we, as a team, can all agree of being proud to contribute towards. We also thank all our colleagues who manned the phones in our absence – they are all part of our effort. Great fun for a great cause – Survival on the Seat was a fantastic experience for team building and office spirit.”

At HPMS we feel strongly that, as a business, we have a responsibility to help support communities as much as possible, particularly in areas where our business operates, the Crazy Crags efforts showing a good example of this.

We continue to support our people who enthusiastically participate in various fund-raising activities throughout the year.

Well done the Crazy Crags!

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