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Alan Maxwell – Retiral

Published on 03/01/2019

We have always been very proud that many of the people who come to work in Hacking and Paterson Management Services forge long term careers and feel closely associated with the business and its people. Over those years, relationships and friendships form that sometimes last through a lifetime. Alan Maxwell is a shining example, fully committed to H&P, its customers and its staff.

The 31st of December saw Alan’s retirement from business; no one is more deserving of a healthy and happy future as Alan moves off into the next phase of his life.

Alan came to H&P on 1 November 1990, joining our property factoring staff. Alan was well known in the industry at that time having worked for a long-established factoring firm, Harvey and Donaldson, looking after customers in their tenanted and owner-occupied properties. We were delighted that Alan moved across to Hacking and Paterson Management Services and he very quickly became a respected and popular member of our team. Within a short period of time, Alan was appointed to the Board of Directors of Hacking and Paterson Management Services, where he served for nearly 25 years.

Over that time, Alan continued to service our homeowner customers, but also played a very important role in the education and development of the younger members of our team. Many of our people will quite proudly say that they were mentored and educated by Alan in the early stages of their development.

When our business expanded into the east coast, Alan emerged as a perfect choice to oversee our Edinburgh portfolio. This proved to be a very successful period for the business and for Alan, and he ran a very well organised and tight ship for 12 years. With the future in mind, Alan moved back to Glasgow in 2017, becoming a Consultant to the business.

Alan’s experience and talents are recognised by the industry trade body, The Property Managers Association (Scotland) Limited, where he is currently coming to the end of a 2-year period as President of the national Association. Alan held this position previously between 2009/2010 and the fact that Alan is the only person, which time has been able to record, who has been nominated as President of the Association on 2 separate occasions, speaks volumes for his knowledge, ability and character. Alan has been very influential in much of the work of the trade Association and more recently has overseen the re-structuring of the executive of the company.

Over many years, Alan has displayed the virtues and ethos of Hacking and Paterson Management Services, he upholds the standards which we all strive for and very importantly, has been a very good friend to many people during his time here.

All in the H&P team wish Alan the very best in retirement, and to much continued health and happiness for him and his family for the many years ahead.

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