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Saving our Customers Money on Energy Costs

Published on 20/11/2017

Common Electricity Supplies Tendering Exercise

On behalf of our customers, we appointed the recognised Energy Supply Consultant, Indigo Swan Limited, to conduct a tendering exercise for each of the common electricity supplies serving properties factored by us.

Being one of the largest common Property Factors in Scotland, we are delighted to report that our bulk purchasing power, combined with the market expertise and understanding of Indigo Swan, is, in many cases, achieving significant cost savings for our customers. With energy prices increasing significantly in the last few months, those customers with supplies coming to the end of existing fixed price contracts, secured when energy prices were lower, will see increases. We are assured by Indigo Swan that any increases will reflect the best possible energy costs available in the market place for our customers.

Every common electricity supply is being individually tendered and the first results of the tendering exercise have been announced by Indigo Swan. We expect to receive a Tendering Exercise Report for every supply in the coming month and these will be exhibited on our Web Portal.

Some of our customers’ common electricity supplies are already under fixed term contracts and the energy supply costs for these supplies will be tendered by Indigo Swan, as and when the existing contracts expire.

Most energy suppliers rely on periodic invoices for estimated consumption. To ensure future electricity invoices are as accurate as possible and based on actual meter readings, Indigo Swan has asked the energy suppliers invited to tender for our energy supply portfolio, to commit to install Smart Meters for each of the supplies. Smart Meters transmit details of actual energy consumption to the energy supplier thereby, removing the need for invoices based on estimated consumption.

Over the coming months, our customers will be able to find out more about the tendering exercise for their common electricity supply by visiting our Web Portal at: All that our customers require to enter our portal is their Account Number and URN which, can be found in the top centre section of their quarterly common charges account.

This is one of many initiatives being introduced by our firm this year, to help our customers achieve best value for their money. To find out more about having your property factored by our firm and joining the many customers making significant savings with their energy costs please visit:

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