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Published on 21/09/2017

With the press coverage arising from the recent Scottish Government’s Local Government and Communities Committee meeting surrounding privately owned high-rise flats within the Glasgow City Council area, we have been fielding further enquiries from customers looking for more information on their buildings than has been presented by Glasgow City Council and details of what actions, if any, Glasgow City Council is taking.

As previously advised, we considered all high rise properties factored by us, undertaking the following actions, with updated information where appropriate:

1. Contacted each local authority, where a high rise property is factored by us, and enquired what action, if any, they are taking. At this time we await confirmation from Glasgow City Council surrounding whether any high rise properties factored by us are involved in any of their investigations.

2. Contacted Scottish Government Communities, Social Security and Equality Secretary, the appointed chair of the ministerial working group enquiring what action, if any, the Scottish Government is taking in relation to privately owned high rise blocks.

In reference to Glasgow, the fourth meeting of the Scottish Government’s Ministerial Working Group on Building and Fire Safety took place on 10th August 2017 and the following information appears on the Government’s website, having been extracted from the notes of this meeting:

“30 of 32 local authorities have reported that ACM cladding has not been used on any privately-owned high rise domestic buildings. Edinburgh and Glasgow are completing their investigations and it was acknowledged that this would take time due to the numbers involved. Scottish Government officials are in close contact with both local authorities and have offered additional assistance.”

“Detailed intelligence continues to be gathered on the use of ACM in the cladding systems of buildings in Scotland. This remains focussed on any high rise properties where people sleep overnight that have not already been captured by local authorities’ initial investigations and any other types of property where there are expected to be vulnerable people living.”

“Was updated that 5 surveyors have been recruited to assist Edinburgh and Glasgow in the remaining checks they have still to complete on privately-owned high rise buildings.”

3. Contacted each Fire and Rescue Service headquarters where a high rise property is factored by us, and enquired what action, if any, they are taking in relation to high rise blocks.

4. Contacted each housebuilder (where still active) of HPMS factored high rise blocks and enquire what action if any, they are taking. Several housebuilders have been in contact with us with information being passed to the relevant homeowners.

5. We have liaised with homeowners providing any information brought to our attention.

We will of course continue to provide updates on any further information provided to us from Scottish Government and local authorities.

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