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Grenfell Tower Fire

Published on 22/06/2017

We are sure that all our customers have been saddened and shocked by the tragic fire at the Grenfell Tower in London and are aware of much speculation in the media about the fire.

Whilst there has been no definitive confirmation on the building products used, the causes of the fire or its spread at this stage, we have understandably been fielding enquiries from anxious customers looking for information on their buildings and confirmation of what actions, if any, they require taking.

In line with the approach being taken by the Scottish Government, we are currently considering all high rise properties factored by us, with our intentions being to undertake the following:

1. Contact each local authority, where a high rise property is factored by us, and enquire what action they are taking. We already know that Scottish Government has written to them in relation to council owned stock but we believe it prudent to enquire if they plan to extend their current investigation into privately owned high rise blocks.

2. Contact Scottish Government Communities, Social Security and Equality Secretary, who is the appointed chair of the ministerial working group, convened on 20 June 2017 to examine building and fire safety regulatory frameworks, and enquire what action the Scottish government is taking in relation to privately owned high rise blocks.

3. Contact each Fire and Rescue Service department, where a high rise property is factored by us, and enquire what action they are taking in relation to high rise blocks, particularly where we are aware that they currently carry out periodic inspections of communal areas and provide written reports. We understand visits have already taken place at properties factored by us.

4. Contact each housebuilder of HPMS factored high rise blocks and enquire what action if any, they are taking. Several housebuilders have already been in contact with us.

5. Depending on the response to the above to consider whether there is a need to liaise with homeowners with a view to instructing a consultant with expertise to inspect and report on specific high rise buildings with cladding.

Undoubtedly our intentions may, at some point, require the input and assistance from our customers and we would appreciate your attention and support where required.

We will of course, provide an update on our findings to any affected customers, however, please do not hesitate to give your property manager a call should you have any questions.

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